• Hours of Operation

    School Year: Monday through Friday 10am-6pm

    Summer: Monday through Friday 9am-6pm

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    Address: Youth 1st 801 Shields St. San Francisco, CA 94132
    Phone: 415-349-2015
    Email: firstyouth1st@gmail.com
    Fiscal Sponsor: San Francisco Study Center
    Funded By: San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and Families

About Youth 1st

Youth 1st was founded in 1999. Youth 1st operates out of Merced Heights Playground, which is located in the heart of San Francisco’s District 11 in the Lakeview neighborhood.

Youth 1st is a comprehensive year-round academic enrichment program, serving at-risk youth and all youth ages 5-15 years old. We operate Monday through Friday and support youth in Math, Science, English, Language Arts, Reading, Arts & Crafts, Sports and Recreation. Youth 1st focuses on skill development and effort. Throughout the year, Youth 1st offers educational fieldtrips for its participants. We also host cultural celebrations for an all-inclusive experience.

During the summer months, Youth 1st proudly employs youth from San Francisco, giving them the opportunity to work in their community and earn scholarships.



Congratulations to our Executive Director, Renard Monroe, on his recognition as one of the Sun-Reporter's Talented 25 for 2023.

Youth 1st has opened its second location in District 11 @ 4095 19th Ave to serve our Youth.

We Are the City Spotlight: Youth 1st


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Our Beliefs

Youth 1st Philosophy

Research has shown that students attain the most academic success when their desire to learn is cultivated and fortified by going at their pace, matching the instruction to their style of learning, and incorporating their interests.

Consequently, we strive to achieve the above through our unique approach. We assess the student’s personality, his or her interests, as well as what their academic opportunities for growth are and their strengths. We then map out a customized plan designed to help with areas that need improvement while continuing to cultivate areas where they are already successful.

Youth 1st Methodology

  • - Assessment
  • - Individualized lesson plans based on interest, strengths, and areas of opportunity for improvement
  • - Instruction, engagement, and one on one tutoring and monitoring
What We Do

How Youth 1st Helps

How Youth 1st Supports Our Participants Year Round

  • - Youth 1st customizes our program to fit each child’s unique needs.
  • - We evaluate each child’s strengths and opportunities so we know where to begin.
  • - We create a personal learning plan that adapts to each child’s level and pace. This allows our children to feel engaged and motivated – never frustrated, rushed or bored.
  • - We balance tailored instruction with independent practice, so that each session advances the child’s skills while also being fun.
  • - We measure each child’s progress and collaborate with parents to ensure goals are met.
At Youth 1st, Education Is The Best Investment You Can Make For Your Child.
The Team

Meet the Team

Renard Monroe

Executive Director

Lisa Wiley

Lifetime Staff Member

Melvin Cotton

Staff Lead

Manwell Howard

Recreation Specialist

Veronica Meriweather

Academic Tutor and Boxing Instructor

Dylan Branch

Early Education Instructor and Supervisor

Kevin Hicks

Skateboard Instructor

Ahmad Walker

Art Instructor

Mariah Harris

Student Mentor

Richard Francisco

Student Mentor

Arrisa Ramirez

Student Mentor

Marlon Short

Student Mentor

Contact Us

Youth 1st

PHONE: 415-349-2015

EMAIL: firstyouth1st@gmail.com

ADDRESS: Youth 1st 801 Shields St. San Francisco, CA 94132


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